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I told her I'd help.


The prince and the jester had a lot in common.

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I am thirsty.


I know you still want us to live together.

Numerous examples can be given.

Everyone can do better.

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I think I would like to talk with Wendi about this before making a decision.

I can't locate the source of the problem.

I cannot chew. I do not have teeth.

Spatra set to sail through her exams

Stop being a crybaby.


Thanks for the warning.

Suzan had three children.

Your theory is crazy, but it's not crazy enough to be true.

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I don't care about your opinion.

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James can't hear a word you're saying.

What a waste to buy such an expensive machine even though he doesn't even know how to use computers.

He bought her a drink.

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There's just one tiny problem.

Something very strange happened in Salvador city.

At such times, I think of my family, not my friends.

The boss could be watching.

I studied in Boston for three years.

I closed my eyes and screamed.

Sumitro never lies to Mongo.

She wants to take her anger out on someone.

These books are accessible to all members.


She is a monster.

May I stay here tonight?

That sounds very tempting.

We found them.

Paula is an eccentric fellow.

What are you doing out of jail?

We've been trying to reach you.

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That would lead to the production of more carbon dioxide, the main gas responsible for global warming.

That's nothing, don't worry.

I'm sorry I didn't have the opportunity to say goodbye to Jean.

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A shepherd had a faithful dog, called Sultan, who was grown very old, and had lost all his teeth.


Masanobu tried to stand.

When I was a child, I used to swim in that pond.

Thank God it's Friday.

We don't want you to die.

Is it true that men have oilier skin than women?

Have you already seen as nice a movie as this one?



You need to work faster.

I'm taking the minivan.

I take it as a sign of hope.


We can't just let him go.


I owe what I am today to education.

Real has a strange way of talking.

What was the answer to Al's question?


Break the glass in case of emergency.

He often goes without food for days.

She'll be pleased to be here tonight.

Cindie had never realized how attractive Arlene was before.

Is Van going to jail?

Wealth comes to those who make things happen, not to those who let things happen.

That would be unethical.

I thought it impossible for him to solve the problem.

You didn't break it.


For the time being, we don't need anything.

I'll get lonely.

I feel like I have been here before.


He is in his early thirties.

There was a small box inside the big box.

Now we need to decide what we should do.

Last year there was a lot of snow.

Markku never saw his parents again, or spoke of them.

He went to Italy with a view to studying literature.

Food processors tend to be shorter and wider than blenders.


Why didn't anyone tell me?

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What is the exchange rate for dollars now?

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Go and talk to her.

Mikael knew something wasn't right.

Lorien shouldn't be so surprised.

I'm afraid your request for a pay raise was turned down again.

But we can't understand him.

I'm sorry I can't help.

Your tap water is too hard. Get a water softener.

Her words made me mad.

Karaoke, TV games, videos and a fridge ... love hotels nowadays really have everything.

Clare was wearing a new outfit.

I thought you'd be interested to know that Elric got accepted into Harvard.

My partner and I have been winning every game today.

I expect you to give me an answer by this afternoon.

How many pictures did you buy?

Can you change the room for me?


She did not let me into her secret.


I hope you're right.


No arrest was made.


Boyd is a remarkable girl.

Don't be so immature.

I'm taking antibiotics.

Good eating habits are essential.

The "man" that you saw is actually a woman.

He was fortunate to find the book he had lost.

Vicki got home just before 2:30.


I think you'll enjoy the picnic.

Tigger loves riding motorcycles.

They used to go for a drive to Nagoya Port on weekends.


Tracey was the coordinator.

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You have to be somewhat to blame for that.

She let him kiss her.

I killed a duck once.


Will Gore stand as presidential candidate?

Can these books really be of any use to young people?

Alison cannot cook.


Malaclypse must've had a reason.

Whatever you do, do it wisely, and don't forget about the end.

I was disappointed in her.

I'd be lonely without you.

People like me, but they don't love me.

I feel abashed at my mistake.

Maureen wants me to stay for a couple of weeks.

I take it for granted that people are honest.

The guards found Dan's cell empty.

Ramsey removed the bandages from Fletcher's leg.

Matt has been ignoring me.

I'll let you off this time, but I don't ever want to catch you stealing again.

I had to protect Pratapwant.

Pay attention to what he says.

This is the desk that Sjouke uses.


Have you prepared everything for tomorrow?


Who's causing all the problems?


Take a paper and write!

You're a lot like Kitty.

Leila is a native speaker of French.

I woke up at six o'clock.

One cannot not communicate.

What motivates you to learn foreign languages?

We're going to the movies tonight.

She has a dislike for snakes and mathematics.

I wanted to be with Allen all the time.

I prefer plain materials.

Rik pulled the door closed and locked it.


But it allows you to enter the church.


I followed the diet strictly.


That would be a treat.

He used to haunt those caves as a little boy.

Paula and Franklin often drink their morning coffee on the veranda.


Is that a weapon of some kind?

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The boy made fun of the girl.


It wasn't meant as a joke.

My mother and father are sending me to Boston for the summer to visit my cousins.

I'm not a deadbeat.

He is in trouble.

My maternal grandfather was a murderer.

Those may not be feeling well.

He seems interested in me.

I was compelled to follow her.

The servant went out into the highways and hedges and compelled people to come to his master's fast.


They don't let anyone enter without special permission.

I am no more intelligent than he.

Your efforts should be appreciated.


A suffering adult is a child who has forgotten who he is.


Hang on a bit until I'm ready.