I think you should stay.

We haven't decided where to take a rest.

I bet you didn't expect that to happen.

We were out celebrating all night.

What is that? It sounds like someone crying.

It was very thoughtful of you to send her some flowers.


Could you shout to Gil and tell him it's breakfast time?


Why are there so many dishonest people in the world?

These books are easier than those books.

Dogs can't distinguish colors.

His advice counted for little.

Make no mistake: we do not want to keep our troops in Afghanistan. We seek no military bases there.

Is this baby a he or a she?

What did you give up?

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This tree is tall, but that one is even taller.


I lent the record to Ken.

Watching TV is a passive activity.

He goes running every morning.


He is photogenic.

Rolf looks terrifying.

What's made you think that they'd want to kiss you?

I feel very strongly about that.

Woody will never stop.

I want a doctor who can speak French.

He is most likely to succeed.

I don't want you there.

The box is too heavy to load.

He noticed that I was there.

Ima sensed someone was behind him and turned to see who it was.

You can't do that to them.

Kit finally stopped laughing.


Don't put down his suggestions.


I could not resist the lure of great profits.

Are you really a princess?

They also raised animals for meat and milk.

We need to do something about that.

He lost his position just because he refused to tell a lie.


Don't let Coleen escape.

His teeth are yellow.

You didn't understand me. I meant something else.

Page is famished.

She wants something very special for her birthday.

There is going to be a storm.

We'll miss you when you're not here.

Karl gets overemotional, doesn't he?

I didn't sleep well.

He bought a plane ticket.

Wages and salary are pay received at regular times.

We have to be tough sometimes.

The mistake cost him his head.

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How many palm trees are there in this oasis?

Some of the members were too noisy.

Her dress is not to my taste.

He dealt me a blow in the face.

After I had planned everything I went on a trip.

He is a big man in journalism.

The fact remains that he is guilty.

Jingbai finally came up with the cash.

It is hard to distinguish truth from a lie.

He went instead of his dad.

Of those on the loud side, some people say they look like they're briskly working, while others say that they're just noisy.


I can bake bread.

She's the most beautiful woman in the whole world.

He's realistic and doesn't believe in the possibility of miracles.

Emmett had what looked like a gin and tonic in his hand.

You may as well start at once.

He asked me out.

The squeaking door gave the burglar away.

I'm not having dinner with you tonight.

Teresa would love this.

He will do anything but murder.

He is not a man to be trifled with.

Don't do the duck-face in your mirror self-shots!

He may have missed the bus.

The loaf was adorned all about with pretty figures, with towns and fortresses on each side, and within it was white as snow and light as a feather.

Do you have any idea when Vinod will arrive?

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During our relationship we both said and did things we didn't mean.


If any one were to take away from the books of Chrysippus all the passages which he quotes from other authors, his paper would be left empty.

His health is changing for the better.

There will be an in-person meeting of the marketing subcommittee on Tuesday afternoon of Jan 27, 1999 at the San Francisco CA Airport Marriott.

The boy bought a dog.

It wasn't until long after they got married that Hughes found out that Sal was wanted for murder.

Skef told me you sold a painting.

We just ate sushi and drank beer.


I ripped the envelope open.

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Sharada thought he heard a dog barking.

It looks suspicious.

Why can't people just be nice to each other?

Jarvis changed the future.

I look terrible.

He hinted at his intention.

Just buy them some candy.

I really liked her.

I think Shadow might be dead.

He spoke perfect English.

Take a look here.


I'm not feeling that hungry yet.


They are all so much alike that I can't tell which is which.


We'll have to be careful.

You're better than all of them.

It's way too dangerous for us to be here.

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My name is Hase.

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Whatever it is, I didn't do it.

The two men shook hands with each other the minute they were introduced.

It's finally happening.

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He brought his ideas into practice.

I'll take him home.

Smoke was coming out of Dan's room.

We always work together.

Philippe had nothing to do with any of that.

Clara married her anyway.

I saw him but once.

Sorry. I should move.

It can be said, in fact, that research, by exploring the greatest and the smallest, contributes to the glory of God which is reflected in every part of the universe.


I don't think that we should even consider doing that.


She pretended to ignore him.

I fully agree with your point of view.

I'm looking for Barton right now.

It's secret.

Very well, who are you?


It's necessary to comply with a law.


Can you help me figure it out?

There are too many choices.

Their supplies were low.

He's a fanatic.

Can you stop them?

Wes offered Stagger a stick of gum.

Do you have some lip balm? My lips are dry.

Hey, are you remotely sane?!

We've been playing golf together for years.

Of course, I told him.

I adore that place.

Let's go talk to him.

I have some unfinished business to attend to.


She is careful about her child's nutrition.

You may choose what you like.

You'll fit in well.

That's really not funny.

I paid 1,000 yen on account.


There was a very simple reason for this: their planet was cooling down internally and would become uninhabitable within 500 years.

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I'll take you home in the car.

Edith had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Carl's unborn baby.

There are few if any such kind men.

I'll go if you will.

We must pay in cash.

You've already forgotten.

Eddie read the whole book from beginning to end.

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If Lanny didn't think we needed help, he wouldn't be here.

I'll talk to you later.

Excuse me, what is the name of this place?

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Where were you Monday night?

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With whom do I have the honor to speak?

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I'm playing SpaceChem.

Kim and John go hiking together every summer.

I brush my teeth twice a day.

Would you like to take a crack at the job?

This is what I've bought in Spain.

I'm simply stating a fact.

Every effort deserves a reward.

The strange thing about money is that it can limit one's behaviour.

She looks sad.

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My car needs to be washed.

Only a few students understood the assignment.

You need to stop complaining all the time about things that can't be changed.


I rejoice in your success.

Pilot is a veterinarian.

About ten minutes later, the bell rang for tea.