"That ain't my style," said Casey.

You ought to have apologized to her.

I thought you left with her.

I can only put this poor checking down to lack of people at work.


Tell me you understand what went wrong.

Can I help with anything?

We have completely outstripped the other companies.

I'm trying to stop him.

I'm going to check on her.

He was very vain and was always checking himself out in the mirror.

I enjoy visiting exciting cities like New York, Chicago, and Boston.


Could you please repeat the question?

I don't believe that at all.

Roberta spent time in Boston.


I did not study both of the languages.


She had to alter her dress by herself.

Bottlenose dolphins are one of the most intelligent animals on Earth.

Please wait ten minutes.


These shoes belong to her.

She liked him much better than the other two kittens.

Tradition, as such, should be respected.

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Do you think Lindsay will like my gift?

It was his fault.

I was starving.

Let us out of here.

It's sheer madness.


She volunteered to do the job.

Few people visit me these days.

For two weeks from tomorrow, please.

Brent turned on the car's fog lights.

I noticed you didn't finish your dinner.

Scientists have detected a magnetic field surrounding Mercury, though it is not as strong as the field around the Earth.

Another step, and you will fall down the precipice.


Have you tried that before?

She didn't want him to pamper the children.

Monica volunteers at a homeless shelter twice a week.

Einstein, at school, wasn't a bright boy.

There's something on your neck.


Following the accident he recovered quickly.

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I felt a sharp pain in the stomach.

I'd like you to send this package for me right away.

We have a few classes together.

I love her so much, but she does not love me.

"You with me?" "Yes"

I'm going to your house.

The launch was successful. We're now leaving the solar system.


Please call me at seven tomorrow morning.

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The Revolution is not an apple that falls from the tree when it is ripe; you have to make it fall.


There is a large garden at the back of his house.

Don't say anything unless someone asks you a question.

It's too hot to do anything today.

"Left-Wing" communism is an infantile disorder.

King never said he would go to Boston with us.

I didn't used to smoke.

Hold on for a few minutes, will you?

It wasn't really a surprise.

Other requirements come from your relationships with other people and your daily activities.

Anyone who is unwilling to read does not understand the joy of reading.

He went to London to study English.

Is there place for this box inside the van?

He wanted change.

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I just tried to stay focused.

This spider rarely bites humans.

What's the difference between fermentation and putrescence?


He's an Asian-American.


Who is the lucky guy?

Don't worry about the result of the test.

The traffic accident took place on the highway.

And they brought us whole binders full of women.

In an hour there are sixty minutes and in a minute there are sixty seconds.

I'm afraid that's out of the question.

I receive a million messages a day and I can't answer them all.

Daren eats lunch at this restaurant quite often.

How many miles is it to the next gas station?


Vivek couldn't rule out the possibility that he was mistaken.

I hired a bad accountant.

Earnie won't tell us anything about himself.

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Thank you for breakfast.

I have to try doing that at least once.

Edmond and I know each other.


I'm pretty sure we've got enough petrol to get us home.

I hate hypocritical communities.

I get off at the next station.

You'd better hurry, otherwise you'll miss the train.

How can we accomplish that?

Do you remember what Kathy had on at the party?

Can you pay me in advance?

This road connects the two cities.

Do they watch TV?

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As far as I am aware, there were no problems during the first semester.


Heinz was already here.

The lower lip is bigger than the upper lip.

Fill out the form in ballpoint.

They lived on farms or in small towns.

It's not us.

This isn't music.

Presley always told us that you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

My opinion is different from yours.

We're going inside.

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Children aren't naturally obedient any more than they're naturally well mannered.

I haven't told anyone yet.

I knew he would accept.

It was outstanding.

Put your name on the notebook in case you forget it.


May there be no war!

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What's the minimum salary in Norway?

Roberto is John's brother.

He can neither read nor write.


Ricky was lying in the hospital bed, unconscious.

Darci is really excited about this.

It's our fault.

Do you really like this dress?

The church stood alone on the hill.

My language is very complicated.

Do you love your mother?

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I'm now learning French.

In life, you gain and lose things, but also can't force things to happen.

What kind of flowers do you like?

Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.

Thanks for the hint.

I think Metin and Ravindran are in love.

A smoker harms other people.


Kamiya will help us.

She can even tell lies!

We probably don't want to do that again any time soon.


This is a very profitable business.

Alas, I've no time today. If I did, I'd go to the movies with you.

Lisa knew where Conrad wanted to live.

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The plane has hit several air pockets.

Have you told List why you can't drive a car?

You need to tell Anne the truth.

My parents are English, but they came to Brazil in 2001.

When was the last time you got drunk?


You've got company.

I ate too much.

I'd go to Boston if I had the chance.

Mr. Itoh will call the roll.

He put me wise to it.

Liza doesn't go to the movies as often as he'd like to.

What's happened is unimportant.

Is the road open?

I don't feel too cold.

I don't think you should drink that water.

I will go to Sydney on business next month.

I consider you a princess.

We heard him come downstairs.

Milo has answered all of the questions.

Hotta didn't tell you about what happened to Kikki, did he?

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I didn't show it to anyone.

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He was somewhat disappointed to hear the news.

Was it difficult for you?

We'll just stay where we are.

Since I couldn't pay the rent, I asked him for help.

I'm going to your house.

Many species of insects are on the verge of extinction.

Do you really think Spock would lie about something like that?

Do you know something I don't know?

You should be talking to Manuel.


The robbers came out from behind the trees and attacked him.


This rose is very beautiful.


I met him last year at a party.

Not without sorrow shalt thou twice speak words so dire.

I go out with Kamiya almost every Saturday.

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I'll show you later.