I have a better idea now.

Charlene worked in a supermarket while he was in college.

This book is well written.

You should've told Arne.

Do you want me to ask Kirk?

I want to stay here a couple more days.


Call me anytime.


It may be wise to do what they ask.


You didn't have to wake me up.

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Why did you give up the idea of learning French?


Gerard never told me what he wanted to eat.

Those are your enemies.

Did he have any enemies?

They're ruining their clothing.

They hate Halloween.

The shop assistant went out of his way to find what we needed.

How many boys are there in the room?

The gatekeeper permitted me through the gate.

Everyone is drunk.

Not everyone thought she was a great actress.

Sometimes the first symptom of cardiovascular disease is death.

Refugees in that camp have been living from hand to mouth for a month.

Malcolm is an ex-soldier.

This tree is over 1,500 years old.

They found an ancient bowl from 2,000 years ago.

We will welcome you here.

What time will you come back?

Warren looks terrified.

By the way, Konrad is in town.

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Give me a minute to catch my breath.


I hadn't thought of it that way.


Eagles and doves are very beautiful animals.

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I'll take a glass of champagne.

I just haven't done that yet.

I didn't mean to pry.


I had a nice chat with Valeria.

You should stop.

You should advocate disarmament.


She gave birth to her first child at twenty years old.

This week I used my hanko so often that I can't remember how many times I've used it.

I was surprised to learn that Dimitry was a liberal.


She doesn't like the way I speak.

Ronni's parents cannot stand Jong.

She hid the secret from her husband all her life.

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This lock is beautiful.

He fell asleep behind the wheel and had an accident.

Don't tell me what my responsibilities are.


The salary of a teacher is lower than that of a lawyer.

He's very open.

He has no sense of direction.


Matt held Sanjib close.

Someone told me that Gregory now lives in Boston.

You can only go so far.

I can tell you've gone to a lot of trouble.

Her ceaseless caterwauling alarmed every dog within a 500-foot radius.

The snake is wriggling.

Our car ran out of gas after two minutes.

Didn't I tell you to go to bed?

I don't usually buy secondhand things.

I used to like that.

There's insufficient power.

I forgot what the exact price was, but it was about 170 dollars.

Dion has his doubts about this situation.

No child should go hungry.

He is a little above himself.


Have a nice evening.

She agreed to my idea.

I'd like to live in a warmer climate.

You are the stupidest fellow I've ever met.

I need to park my car here.


I was fined thirty dollars for speeding.

Klaudia told me not to drive so fast.

Casey had another argument with Murthy.

We talked about French.

Sal frightens me.


A member of the public who has reasonable grounds to believe that a civil servant has a conflict of interest may request an official opinion respecting the alleged contravention.

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The last books were sold a week ago.

Put the matches out of reach of children.

We've never been there.

Come, now, let me also read the testimony.

They will be accepted by their peers in adulthood.

We went to the park for a walk.

I followed the recipe.


I disobeyed you.

I assumed you might be hungry so I brought some sandwiches.

In November 2013, the U.S., Norway, and the U.K. launched a public-private partnership to support forests in developing countries, with the goal of reducing emissions from deforestation and promoting sustainable agriculture.

My train leaves at seven, arriving in Tokyo at nine.

Both Sheila and I can't speak French.

To get a table at Lorraine's Tavern, you have to make reservations weeks in advance.

I'm typing in a minimized document.

My bus is late.

I know you're lying.

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Oliver stayed with Isidore until the ambulance came.

I don't see him anymore.

I don't play tennis after school.

You've said that to me before.

The bicycle is mine.

I wonder why Tandy left.

It's been a very difficult year.

You can use English at most hotels anywhere in the world.

Where do Ruth and Siping live?

I never knew them.

It's really not important.

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Milner is alone in the forest.


He will have to go to the station.


Marguerite looks lost and confused.

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My sunglasses are broken.

I'm pretty sure that that mean teacher will give us a hard test today.

Johnny was staring into space.


I have full confidence in your courage and devotion to duty and skill in battle.

Ping can type very fast.

We elected her chairperson.


We're having a nice time in Boston.


Shutoku invited the gardener in for a cup of coffee.

He is the most cutthroat person I know.

I'll work with you.

In fact, the inhabitants have been exposed to radioactive rays.

I joined the football team.

Is there anything for me?

You feel you've been treated unfairly?

I still haven't heard from him.

Dick plans to go there alone.

Do you think he's sensible?

He wasn't jumping on the bed.

Do enemies listen to their enemies?

Valeria is the person I was waiting for.

If you don't want to hurt her feelings you're going to have to bend the truth a little.

I wish I hadn't bought this.

Come with me to Boston.

Even if we don't get lucky on the first try we can just keep fucking till I get pregnant.

Hundreds of people came out into the square.

The demonstration at City Hall started getting out of hand.


It wasn't anything important.

London voted to remain in the European Union.

I'd like to withdraw some cash.


I used to take a walk in the morning.


One won't profit by an insincere gift.

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That is a pagoda.

That's more recent than you think it is.

Jack is an early riser.

Maarten failed to escape.

The institution of marriage appears to be on the decline.


Would you like me to take care of it?

It is cold there even in summer.

Are these your horses?

Have a listen and let me know your thoughts.

I don't speak Ukrainian.


The musician is enjoying great popularity both in Japan and in America.


Did you kill them?

Andries's wife left him in October.

Perhaps it's strange for you to see an ordinary girl without makeup?

The game was drawing to an end.

Sehyo now lives in a retirement home.

Pierette cut the cake with the new knife Keith had given him.

There is no reasoning.

I am watching an old film.

It's natural to get nervous when a plane takes off.

That cost us a lot.

Collin can't finish this job in a day.

Wasn't that day a bummer!

I got punched in the ribs and it hurt pretty badly.


Have you found any good solution?


This description is too abstract.