There are different points of view in the narration.

He is an old friend of mine.

I just want to look at it, that's all.

Kathleen refused to help Dylan escape.

She could have resisted more aggressively if she'd wanted to.

Even Luc is surprised that Robert lied.

Now that you know what the problem is, how long do you think it'll take to fix it?


It's a perfect day for a picnic.

Studying a foreign language is difficult.

I'll buy one of those computers if they can sing you a different song each morning.


Who is essential for that?

What can I do to help?

Is Frederic still around?

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I want to go to Minnesota.


You've betrayed us again.

Even gods die when no one believes in them any longer.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see.


You should have told me that you wanted me to come alone.

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I am going to play soccer tomorrow.

Someone is knocking loudly at the door.

I don't think this rain will let up.

He went traveling in search of adventure.

What does this smell like?


Do Japanese children really paint the sun red?

Thad doesn't seem to remember me.

I like watching hockey.


This dishwasher is too big. It won't fit under the counter.

I must take something for my cold.

He made no end of excuses.

Lincoln died in 1865.

We have too much debt.

We're getting a lot of things done.

It made me nervous when I was asked by the host to offer some words of congratulation.


He was too curious.

Stop threatening inanimate objects, they can't hear you.

Are you a creature of habit?


What an idiot you are!

There's a light switch right inside the door.

You weren't here last year.

This word has been in my notebook for a long time.

The humidity is very high, isn't it?

This bag is greasy.

Where's your babysitter?

Do you know how to decline this word?

You're not in your right mind, you.

There were bundles and bundles of cash.

Are you really letting Andries into your home?

He's out for a walk.

Chet fired his gun.


Sharan was the first boy who broke my heart.

I don't know how much longer we'll need to wait.

We've got better things to do with our time.


Carlo didn't buy me what I needed.

Where he will live doesn't interest us.

Who could that have been?


What do you need exactly?

You weren't kidding, were you?

How did you know we'd be here?

They kept silent for fear of offending her.

Why didn't you think of that before?

He has no less than twelve children.

They received a box of books.

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When we went to the hall, the concert had already begun.

We would like some more beers.

When she heard the news, she burst into tears.

Have you ever seen Mt. Fuji? It is beautiful beyond description.

Gregory doesn't like to talk about that.

Please bring back the tape tomorrow.

Do circuses still have freak shows?

I eat Chinese food once in a blue moon.

Why don't you go on home and get some sleep?


Rudolf really wanted a cup of hot black coffee.

Any unauthorized exhibition, distribution, or copying of this film or any part thereof may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

When I was a kid, I was all thumbs.

Vince has no idea why Plastic did that.

Playing baseball is a sport, and climbing mountains is a sport, too.

Did Thomas get sick?

We could fix that.

Stay away from that place.

She tried not to think about what she had just done.

I resent the self-confident nations.

Please say hello to your wife.


I got my driver's license today.

I think you're doing well.

I didn't answer a single question.

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He burst the door open and nearly took it off the hinges.

Hillel's dog wanted to go outside.

Give that to me!

I prefer riding to walking.

Bruno wants to tell you about Emil.

We are having dinner.

If by any chance he comes, I'd like you to give him this paper.

I appreciate your comment.

Why doesn't Meehan like this hotel?

You aren't jealous, are you?

I'm happy.

Xiaoming Wang has never been to America. He really wants to go next year.

We usually go to the beach in the summer.


He dared to doubt my sincerity.


He always forgets to say goodbye to people when leaving.

I was talking about clothes.

This is my friend's letter.

I want you to remember exactly what you said to Ramiro.

What should've happened?

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I'm afraid Cathy is dead.


She wore a beautiful dress.

I'd like to discuss something with you.

The band sprang into life.


I'll be there at six.

His is a strange name.

Leila registered to become an organ donor.

He's really sensitive to heat and I'm sensitive to the cold. What should we do about our bedroom?

I don't want to see them naked.

Most French people are against capital punishment.

I didn't see anyone at the party that I knew.

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What good would come of it?


You must take life as it is.

What's Agatha going to do now?

The plane flew above the clouds.

We're not looking for sympathy.

I don't want you on the trip.

Hui dropped Renu off at a hotel.

Someone tried to poison him.

You must be the temporary we asked for.

She came close to drowning.


Unfortunately, there was no one around.

How many of the words on this list do you know?

What are you doing here, Amos? Vic doesn't want to see you.

OK. I'll send it out as soon as a machine is available.

She chose a light blue dress.

Hunter invited us to a costume party.

He had been writing a letter.


That's what caused our problem.

The news was about my company, so it struck close to home.

Why are you being so noisy?

Kenton lives alone in a big house.

I'm not naive.


I just happened to be there at the time.


No poverty can catch up with industry.

Did you want a cookie?

Sridhar is a nail technician.


Mr President, it was yearning for democracy that brought down the Berlin Wall.


She spread a beautiful cloth on a table.

The dry spell continued into September.

We have a mutual friend.

Are you watching the game?

I really wonder what Christofer is doing now.

That's not entirely true.

"No, not so much. At most comparing sizes, telling dirty stories." "Sizes of what?" "Of 'that'."

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The longest river in Italy is the Po.

This place is cool.

I hate it when my clothes smell of cigarette smoke.


You should've left us alone.

His proposal is far from being satisfactory to us.

Who do you think killed her?

The shaking began to slowly get less.

This cat is brown-colored.

A heavy heart bears not a nimble tongue.

The guys in my department are very nice.


Perhaps we shouldn't be doing this here.


That book's done a lot to popularize chemistry.


Do you realize that?

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I screamed but nobody could hear me.