Jason just needs to do his job.

You're blinded by your arrogance.

Does Les suspect anything?

When do guys stop being immature?

I promised I'd tell you the truth.

I think it's time for me to lose some weight.

"That guy was totally hitting on you." "What? Really?"

Romain passed away last year.

I'll make some peanut butter.

Sanand lived alone in a small hut.

Do you still want to see a movie later?

I helped Clayton fill out the application form.

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They are going to emigrate to the United States.


It isn't as if a child learning to talk studies.

There's no water in the bucket.

Nordic Combined is held as a combination of two events, ski-jump and cross-country ski.


I hope we don't get in trouble.


The barns are full of grain.

He travels long distances by plane.

We added something new.

I studied around the clock.

Russell is waiting for someone.


You may as well trust his story.

Antonella has been very kind to us.

Why don't you wait until Juergen gets here?


Bush is not Satan's best friend. He doesn't even know who Satan is.

I don't want to kill you.

So I should throw away all these books?

Jerald won't come until Monday.

Please turn up the air conditioner.


She gave away all her dresses.

Nothing is routine.

She was playing the piano when the guests arrived.

His kindness touched my heart.

It is almost ten o'clock.

I overslept and was late for school.

I haven't seen her yet.

Someone's in the other room.

How was the play?


The door squeaked.

We use "present tense" for this kind of case.

We do not anticipate their buying a new car.

Magnus won't tell anyone, will he?

You should avail yourself of every opportunity to learn.

Do you understand what he's told you?

Have you ever forgotten your phone number?

Let's talk about why that happened.

Thus he succeeded in winning her heart.


I'm saving myself for marriage.

She wants to look cute and trendy.

Part can still play the piano even though he doesn't own one now.

Noam and Margot won't want me at their party.

It's not serious, I don't bear him a grudge.

We're more than willing to help.

Torsten is a hippie.


This type of person isn't interesting.


Everyone is an artist.


Our army attacked the enemy during the night.

Duncan promised not to tell anyone about it.

"Help! Help!" cried Pierrette, "I'm being murdered!"

The experiment proved to be successful.

That's the priority.

How are mom and dad?

Give me five tokens, please.

I thought you were leaving Boston.

Are you Russian?

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Did you see something else?

I never realized you were such a good French speaker.

Why don't we just leave?

I'm used to staying awake late into the night.

I understand how much you want to go to the party, but I can't let you go.


When I understood him I thought better of him.


Those are our orders.

The art of writing is useful.

The smell of nail polish is bad.

Let's keep him in the dark until we know more.

I'm not good at negotiating.

The team will be ready.

Nothing beats the pleasure of mutual understanding when using a foreign language.

We are thankful for the good food.

Do you really want to go to Germany?

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He is not so tall as you.


Can you see anything missing?

Yesterday was the first time I had spoken to Heinrich in French.

What caused that?

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I don't like lying to him.

When I came to class late the teacher didn't let me in.

I hear that Presley Jackson is one of the best lawyers in Boston.


What is the capital of Hungary?

Micky showed up 30 minutes late.

I've been trying to find Rajarshi.


It's really rare.

Do you want me to tell him?

There must be something else to eat.

Nigel can't get Nicolas to make up her mind.

May I eat this cake?

The evidence left little room for doubt.

Can you please show me the photograph?

He put out his hand to me for a handshake.

You bring the donuts.

Shyam has an eye for detail.

What is important is not how many books you read, but what books you read.

Christina has done very well.

The net gravitational field at any point on the surface of the earth is the sum of the gravitational fields of all the masses in the universe; hence it displays diurnal and seasonal variations and variations with the phases of the moon and Jupiter; and those variations vary with latitude: if you live far from the poles, you weigh more at night.

It makes my mouth water.

Let's treat everybody fairly.

The thing speaks for itself.

Did you think I wouldn't tell Jayesh?


I thought you'd gone to Harvard.


Don't touch me, you pig!

Jane is as beautiful a girl as her sister.

Bert was not worthy of your trust.

Metin burst into the kitchen.

Stewart had plenty of chances to apologize, but he didn't.


I believe this is wrong.

I am a Polish journalist.

Anything that can go wrong will.

Can you tell me about him?

Don't let Lou talk to Shawn.

That's relatively easy to do.

The first thing you hate in the special forces is yourself.

If we let those bastards get dug in now, we'll have to level the building.

We arrived two days ago.

Did you really think I wasn't going to help?

Uranus has 27 named moons. Some of these moons are less than 100 kilometers wide and black as coal.

Mom, I don't want to go!

Nou outsmarted me.


She had a change of heart.

His ambition made him work hard.

Do you still play hockey?

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I thought that went quite well.

Can you recommend a good game to me?

The campaign seems to be going like a bomb.

Doug likes decorating cakes.

You're very helpful.

So, it's understood.

Do you remember what day of the week Blue Sky Sports is closed?

What I told you about him also holds good for his brother.

The girl tried to speak, but before she could sob out her thanks the old man had touched her softly on the head three times with his silver staff. In an instant Elsa knew that she was turning into a bird: wings sprang from beneath her arms; her feet were the feet of eagles, with long claws; her nose curved itself into a sharp beak, and feathers covered her body. Then she soared high in the air, and floated up towards the clouds, as if she had really been hatched an eagle.

I'm going to stay here and watch TV.

Excuse me, could you lower your voice a little?

I'd like some more butter.

She's playing Super Mario Bros.

Sigurd was the underdog.

You sound relieved.

The baby isn't crying anymore.

She can sew very well.


Mitsuna is very tidy so she often cleans up without being asked.

If I tell you something, will you promise not to tell anyone else?

Please let me sleep.

He is kind.

There are algae in the sea.

My parents don't like my boyfriend because he's poor.

Each package contains a score of cigarettes.


Hubert and Bobby seem to be in love with each other.

I was loved.

There were countless stars in the sky.

One of my favorite tunes was playing on the radio.

Tahsin wished he could go back to Boston.


Melinda is in no hurry to retire.

I don't want to learn your language.

To the mouse a cat is a lion.

Cary and Gretchen are in the cafeteria.

I thought Jean-Christophe wanted to marry Allan.

The delegations of both countries met in Geneva.

Liyuan might've eaten on his way home.

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Tuan is one of my drinking buddies.

I can't understand why Kieran won't let us go.

Sjaak knows that Kyu is hungry.


I won't be able to sleep.