It happened more than three days ago.

Maybe you shouldn't leave.

When I was a child, only children from wealthy families had ringed notebooks.

Love is not what you think.

Nobody was interested in my country then.

I don't think it will rain tomorrow.

Shakil doesn't have much interest in outdoor sports.

Let's stop finding fault with each other.

Water is a fluid.


What's the plan for today?

Is there room at the counter?

I helped her with her work.

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I'm going to have to call you back.

Isidore leaned down and kissed his daughter on the forehead.

Harris shares his office with Miek.

Tony started dating Angela five months ago.

Sal wants a model train for Christmas.

The buds began to burst.

The crane was standing on one leg.

He is about your age.

Since Christmas is coming, everyone's talking about it.

His mother is calling him.

The company was founded in 1974.


I want you to know that I meant every word I said.


The city in which I was born is very beautiful.

Sehyo is very reckless, isn't he?

This piece is in a major key.

We sent for a doctor.

I want you guys to meet him.

In many countries today there is a problem of violence.

I can't possibly afford to pay for all this.

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Ilya seems to understand where he stands now.

It was all over in a matter of seconds.

We were happier than we had ever believed possible.

Syd met Boyce in a local flea market.

I love seeing all of the arches that were used in ancient architecture.

Dinner's ready. I'm coming.

I wonder where Tiefenthal is right now.


This county is poor in natural resources.

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Those haven't been cleaned yet.

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One cannot make dogs out of cats.

Look what Dimetry got.

Are you planning to help her?

C'mon, let's eat something!

The mouse was running around under the bed.

Have fun, but don't get lost.

Samuel was unaware of what had happened.

I know exactly how it was.

Vincent gave Jurevis an icy stare.

Don't make a fool of me.

It's a place where people feel safe.

When did you come up with such an idea?

Rome is worthy of a visit.

He extinguished the fire.

Boyce and Jinny are ready.


We all denounce cheating on tests.

This knife is just good for slicing a loaf.

I haven't got a clue.


Leif forgot to pay the bill.

This is an unusual request.

You bit the hand that fed you.


I don't know why you're making such a fuss over this.


Let's just think about it.

Together, you represent the harmony between tradition and progress.

I am speaking Osmani.

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It took Norm an hour to clean his room.


Does Israel really want me do this?

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Do you know how Frank got that scar on his chin?

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Jack wants to be respected.

Andreas was sitting in my favorite chair.

The workers united to solve the problem.

We'll catch up with her later.

They were a rich, noble family, born in affluence and nurtured in luxury.

Does anyone see a difference?

He's my best friend. It's as if he were my brother.

Does Brad get migraines often?

Mount Elbrus is the highest mountain in Europe.

Will you go to Boston with us?

I'm ambidextrous.

I'd like to speak to them.

I wrote the song for her.

You sure sound grumpy.

Grace went pale.

He rushed up through the blinding smoke and hissing flames, till he reached the children.

He is generous to his friends.


The new document system is worth $4,000.

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Have you been smoking?

Angels guard and guide us.

Why did Spy marry Suwandi?

How many do you want?

Let's talk about this later.

Organize what you have found.

Have your parents met Cyrus yet?


And it doesn't take long to go downhill.

Sometimes reality and fantasy are hard to distinguish.

My idea went against his.

Reinhard wishes he had a bigger car.

Everyone knows everyone.

Are you aware that Chip was seeing Lorraine?

Ira went to the post office to mail a letter.

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Have you seen our museums? What do you think about them?


I don't know how I'm going to make it through today.

He needed space.

You'll probably never see me again.

It is not easy to get rid of a bad habit.

She's not sleepy.

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Murat died in his sleep last night.

My father is not a teacher but a doctor.

I wasn't sure.

She's not talkative.

Donne informed Son that their food supplies were dwindling.

What is man? Anyway, not what he likes to think he is: the crowning glory of creation.

I'm not sure I can be there by 2:30.

We can't rest until Carlos is free.

They will take the 8:30 train.

Is it in there?

It often seems that women will say one thing, but think and want something completely different.


They couldn't defend themselves.

How should I find death?

She lost a book.

Does anyone have a picture of this?

We've done that.

It is Paris that I want to visit.

The teacher is supervising her students.

Drastic measures must be taken to prevent the further spread of the virus.

I just thought I'd mention it.

I've got a toothache. I just can't bear this pain anymore.

One must sow one's wild oats.

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I was annoyed with the boy for being lazy.

Due to a cold, I've lost my voice.

Vassos has a toothache.

Let's extend our heartiest welcome to Miyake-san.

I'd say you got taken.

We cannot stand quiet and watch people starve.

I would have liked that Sharon succeeded.

Francis punched Troy.

You seem to hate women.

Someday I will buy a cotton candy machine.

I've been on edge recently.

I think this coat should fit you.

Is the apple red?


I'd like to be a guitarist.

How long did the surgery take?

The gang is lead by a ruthless criminal called Angela.

Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level.

I have a bad squint.

The fact that nowadays fewer men smoke is a headache for the Japanese tobacco industry.

I know the facts well enough.

I'm only going to ask you this one time, Bea.

The pilot of an airliner is responsible for the safety of passengers.

Cavities have become rarer in the developed countries and more people will be able to eat with their own teeth throughout their life.

We have to do better.

This makes me feel old.

Are we done with this job?

I'll come with them.

We don't have a lot in common.


Nothing would've made me happier.

This is a stupid game.

What, there's a cafe in a place like this? Was that always there?


Martin is the son of a very rich man.

She kissed him deeply.

She can ride a motorcycle, not to mention a bicycle.

What time do you start school?

Duke is never going to let you go to Boston by yourself.

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The net got entangled in the screw.


She agreed to my idea.

The hot weather changed snow into water.

We don't add pictures to our album.


When I started traveling, I rarely felt lonely.