She is very pretty, isn't she?


Trees are planted along the street.

We take oil for granted.

We had a layover in Chicago.

That's the main thing.

You're the one I've been wanting to meet.


People know how handy you are to have around. You're a real jack-of-all-trades but make sure you don't turn out to be master of none.

We're almost there.

These apples are rotten.

I have something I need to talk to you about.

I don't understand what's happened to you.

He is boiling with rage.

A foolish impulse made me say what I should have left unsaid.

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Leo denied that anything had happened.

"I can't go dancing with you." "Bummer."

We're helping Rodent out.

Everybody was at work.

Did you feel that?

The following words are called pronouns and are used as the subject of a sentence. They represent a person or a thing.

That was his name.


It's a racist thing to say.

It doesn't always happen.

Don't kid about that.


I had to come to terms with my present salary.

We have every reason to believe him innocent.

Which do you suppose she chose?


We're not like them.

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The bad smell sickened me.


It was agreed to.

I saw Tracy drive up.

He could not frame what he felt.

She gave him the middle finger.

I didn't much like Duke.

Riding your bike on a path along a river surrounded by forests is really uplifting.

I wish I hadn't kissed him.


Can you please stop that?

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I wish I could do everything that I wanted to do.

There were 144 passengers and 6 crew members on board this plane.

Shut up!

I'm hurrying to learn how to cook.

Kate took careful notes on the history lecture.

Chuck is so pretty.

Can you play the drums?


Ralf slept on the top bunk.

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Women want equality of opportunity with men.

Suresh insisted I put on this bulletproof vest.

Brent walked across the bridge.


Every precaution has been taken.

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He turned out her father.

Shel is agoraphobic.

Why don't we just leave?

The police have uncovered new evidence related to the case.

If you knew what I knew, you wouldn't be so complacent.


The accident was entirely avoidable.

My sister is now bound up in her work.

His younger sister is a famous TV star.


I felt pretty comfortable.

We have a lot of social problems to think about today.

Would you like to take a stroll around the park with me?

I hope that's true.

Along the whole length of the pew hymnals are placed at regular intervals.

I have a huge sailboat.

I made that decision.

Tony never used to eat so much junk food.

That was the hardest thing I ever did in my life.

You probably wouldn't understand this.

I don't believe that either.


We could talk about her.

How sad a story this is!

The Mexican government announced the banning of all imports of second-hand cars, except for 1998 models.

Rajeev said you were in Boston.

His hesitation made me doubt.


Barney is very naive, isn't he?

Who did Saul save?

I slept all day.

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Pierce could barely speak.

There used to be a pond here where you could see many swans.

"Why did you say hello to that shrew?" "I don't want to ruin my karma."


He showed me his picture.

You can't blame this problem on Stewart.

Pam is aware of the danger.

Dimitry will never have to worry about money.

He has an abhorrence of snakes.

I repeated the word several times for her.

Are you accusing them?

I can't ask him to quit.

Did you fit all the clothes in the bag?

I don't remember what I said.

These men are the wisest people of the tribe.


I managed to make him understand it.

Finnish is finished.

This is something different.


Wade is obsessed about her appearance.

It doesn't matter how smart you are. If you don't work hard, you'll never succeed.

Watch your tongue.

She felt that something was missing, something the universe wanted her to do.

Please visit us at your convenience.

He who has a mind to beat a dog will easily find a stick.

The angry mob wanted Jesus killed for blasphemy.

I'd like to apologise to Volgograd's police.

I wanted to impress you.


You'll have to wait not less than an hour to get a ticket.

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Linder nodded politely.


Our energy bills are extremely high.

I think she will not come.

We'll be working.

I listened to Tracey.

The king has reigned over the country for many years.

Kamiya wasn't a bright student.

There are no pens on the desk.


I'm under quarantine.


We're glad to have you here.


War necessarily causes unhappiness.


Betsy came into the room a few minutes after Teruyuki.

We talked about a lot of things.

Let's hope you're mistaken.


The words 'small' and 'little' are synonyms.


Happy anniversary!


Most landing gear can be folded into the fuselage during the flight and opened for landing.


Don't blame this on him.

The situation has improved.

Kieran talks about Boston a lot.

I want to raise a family.

I'm just about to set off for the station.

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In the first place they must have some dinner.

I thought you were going to be gone all day.

I feel that I make time to do various things.

Would you care for some tea?

Top of the class!

God created the heaven and the earth.

He was giving a speech at the park.

Men aren't all that different from women.

Olaf wore a Christmas sweater embroidered with reindeer.


I've got to finish this essay by tomorrow.


Joni was able to get into the house through a window.

Do to others as you would be done by.

They pushed her aside.


He's a man you can always trust.

What's happening up there?

Learning to ignore things is one of the great paths to inner peace.

There's a train station in Japan where the station master is a cat.

Did it make you angry?

Sweat is dripping from his face.

One cinnamon doughnut and a slice of apple pie, please.

I'll change my shirt.

I like to be a redhead.

We were all ears when he started to tell us his secret.

You're tempting fate.


You're much funnier than Owen is.


It just felt different.

Everybody took a hostile attitude toward illegal aliens.

Heinrich pretended not to know Sjouke.

Much can be learned by observing how a child interacts at play with other children.

He is indeed a clever boy.

Robin Hood and his band of merry men live in Sherwood Forest.

Which train takes us to Kamakura?

I thought it might be true.

You look like a little girl.

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Did you sleep well?