Ram is going to write a letter to Cory.

When Irving was accused of the murder, he broke out in a cold sweat.

It's not even on the map.

I have never aimed at a bear with my rifle.

I never get tired of this song.

Dwindling resources have hampered the efforts of police to stem the rise of violent crime in the city.


This book is absolutely useless.

One of the visitors cried out to obstruct the proceedings.

I'm going to Paris.

You have to see them.

The boy over there is bowing to you.

I go for a jog every morning before breakfast.

He blew in the trumpet and created a beautiful sound.

You're looking for the truth, aren't you?

Thank you everyone for all the wonderful birthday wishes.


His views were too conservative for people to accept.

I think we'd better help Pandora.

We have more than enough time to spare.


This is a salmon that came up the river.

Do you still practise your religion?

These rumors are probably true.

It's fast and fun.

I'm trying mah-jong for the first time.

Rajiv might be harder to deal with in the future.

Have you ever beaten your dog?


Tell us what you think.

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That guy has a lot of nerve.

First I should go home and change my clothes.

The best way to master English composition is to keep a diary in English.

Coleen has been trying to get a loan from a bank.

Ruth didn't buy a ticket.

Where is he going to settle down?

How do you talk to women?

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The head of the government must inspire the faith of the people.


There is something wrong with you.

Water is as precious as air.

Tell him how you feel.

The sun was warm in the morning, but it's cold at this moment.

Susan knew what Donald wanted to eat.

I've recently become crazy about Perfume too, but 2 years later than everyone else.

The kidnappers gagged Micah and locked him up in a closet.


There is no one who is born under an unlucky star, there are only people who cannot read the sky.


So, what do you think of her?

Alan and Johnny are thinking about getting married.

I've waited one hour and a half.

How thick is the board?

I study languages ambitiously.

I updated your software.

He lost the race because he was disqualified.

She got into trouble because of Nguyen.

He's a very good teacher, so his children really listen to him.

I could help.

I've got responsibilities.

Think it over and let me know what you decide.

Dan's children were asleep upstairs.

Nobody'll ever know.

Don't worry. We are well.

Sedovic is ready to go home now.

He availed himself of the rain.

The monster Grendel attacked king Hrothgar's great hall every night.

Jeannette ran like crazy to catch the last train.


The members of the family had grave doubts regarding the explanation they received from the army.

Violent clashes broke out between the protesters and the police.

Your friends are worried about you.


I would die for Debbie.

Sangho kept everyone together.

I know how women think.

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If he had told me the truth, I would have forgiven him.


Stupidity is riding a bike that doesn't have brakes.

I saw his face in the dim light.

He made a speech highly appropriate to the occasion.

Vivek's trial commenced three days later.

It is only in accepting others that we can tear down our own barriers.

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He is a doctor and an author.

Dan struggled with life in Alaska.

The results were spectacular.

Shadow speaks both French and English.

People are urinating in public.

Learn Toki Pona!

Your help is indispensable for the success of the scheme.

Are you from the United States?

His name will soon be forgotten.

We did everything right.

It goes without saying that he is a superb pianist.


We've never had this problem before.

Tandy has been in there for about an hour.

Patience wins out in the end.

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Your name isn't familiar to me.


My son isn't the only one who enjoys eating her cooking.

I think the other path is safer.

I'm coming with her.


Sanford is defensive.

I heard various opinions.

I knew I couldn't trust you.


They abstain from alcohol.

Linder died in the fire.

I did everything for you.

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He was always very eager to meet people.

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I owe what I am to you.

The dictionary that I bought hasn't been delivered to me yet.

He is not here.


Russia is a Nordic country.

I think Vaughn is horrible.

He has lived here for a long time.

I'm here. Do you want to chat?

There was a lot of excitement in the stands as the fans cheered for their teams.

You're quite sharp, aren't you?

We think we've got that fixed.

Randell bought Lyndon a crocodile skin handbag.

Marvin always wears a green star.

I went back to my village during the summer vacation.

A trip to Mars would be a once in a lifetime experience.

Alfred should be in jail.

You're not real, no, you're not real!


The Society for Protection of Nature was established by nature lovers, to protect the beauty that surrounded them.

What's in fashion in Paris?

He threatened to throw the diamond off the window.

Yuriko Himekusa committed suicide.

Sedat entered the lobby and found Real waiting.

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Americans vote for a new president every four years.

Much to his surprise, he found his dog dead.

My name is not "you"; it's Ricardo.


What is your mother's name?

Beverly is extremely good-looking.

I used to drop in at the bookstore on my way home.

I've figured it out.

Someone locked me in the room.

He succeeded in spite of all the lifetimes.

You are as guilty as I am, because you knew this was going to happen.

Where did you wait for them?

When energy supplies are in question all that depends on them is also in question.

I've bought a gift for Lynne.

Sanjib can stay here if he's willing to do some of the chores.

We will go on a picnic tomorrow.

What am I doing here?

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You promised me to come back before summer.


Do you know the difference?

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Mother objects to smoking cigars.

I haven't been to a concert in a long time.

Who's after you?

They decided the date for the trip.

I am sixteen years old.

Dustin is a reckless driver.

Is this sterling silver?


What's he talking about?

This is my last review.

He ignored the speed limit and drove very fast.

She buried a dog.

He got out of the habit of smoking.


Sumitro wasn't poor.

Grow some balls.

Have you ever seen Seth without makeup?

A big crowd gathered at the scene of the fire.

Santa is getting married.

It's hot in Kyoto in the summer.

You salted the meat.

Where in Boston do you want to go?

Roxana was found dead.

Stephen has something he wants to tell you.

Vijay reached for his glasses.

Young men and women don't seem to know what they are seeking after.

Happiness is sometimes identified with money.

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As he often tells lies, he is not to be relied on.

However, my father used to fool around with women a lot.

Rudolf wouldn't be that stupid.


We will never yield to force.


Heat changes ice into water.