Have you been standing there the whole time?

I'll catch up with you soon.

Are you enjoying it?

We can't turn back.


I wonder what it is.


Did you really make this by yourself?

Kirk got something in his eye.

Farouk paid me a visit yesterday.

The knife has a very sharp edge.

Did you see a doctor?


I'm the one who should be apologizing.

Put this stamp on the postcard and drop it in the mailbox.

Nothing is so fatal to religion as indifference.

A man of industry will succeed in life.

Be so true to thy self, as thou be not false to others.

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English is a common language for many Asians.

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I'm thinking of going to Boston to visit Margie.

Toerless is the leader of the team.

That was only a year ago.

A large building stands there.

Wires carry electricity.

Jef has always been stubborn.

He never had the talent of composing melodies.


I'll never forget you, Marla.

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The police ascribed the automobile accident to reckless driving.

Ralf and Hienz don't seem to be happy to see each other.

Get Len over here.

I didn't say it wasn't OK to eat.

Nothing happened to Sally.

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What does that mean to you?

Edgar isn't guilty.

Which search engine do you use?


I was watching TV at night.

Street racing is dangerous and stupid.

Did you do this?

I was the only one who knew about it.

I'll give these to anyone who wants them.

I almost feel sorry for them.

Please wait in the hall.


They didn't touch anything.


What stopped her?

Your friend from Boston dropped by to visit us this afternoon.

Tell Hwa that I want to go, too.

Who found my bag?

My father reproached me for my rudeness.

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Kevan's anxious.

I'm sorry, but he is out now.

I asked the doctor some questions.

He kept talking.

What do we tell him?

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Let her show you how it's done.


Ronnie's music and legacy lives in all of us!


I knew Jeany wasn't dead.

What are you all looking at?

The role of the placenta is to nourish the foetus.

I think it will storm soon.

Except for Sal, I didn't know anyone there.

He will surely succeed in his new job.

My poem of reminiscing spring midnight was created.

I have not seen you in a while.

It is easy to add numbers using a calculator.


His success is contingent upon his efforts.

These are the best years of your life.

During the winter, he complains about the cold and during the summer he complains about the heat.

Let's mosey on down to the river.

Tad's mother always told him he should eat more vegetables.

What're you going to do now?

Hohn caught his breath.

You may have to do that by yourself.

I came to ask you a favor.

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Does having a vocabulary of 80 000 words give you enjoyment?

We will never forget Pravin.

He led a vagabond life.

The milk has a bad taste.

I think this is blue.

Prices are falling.

Have you ever smelled this perfume?

In Japan people take off their shoes when they enter a house.

The machine squealed for lack of oil.

The walls were black with smoke damage.

Beavers may be considered as the busiest mammals on Earth.

I went to Sendai and back without resting.

Today, some websites are blacked out to protest against SOPA and PIPA.

George is quite talkative.

In this essay, Rodney distills the arguments for and against leaving the EU.

I walk regardless of whether or not I own a car.

Last month I spent a fortune on the telephone bill.

Imagine yourself on a mountaintop.

I figured you would understand.

How's the wife?

He has an air of mystery about him.

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We have nobody to blame but ourselves.

Olson stroked his chin in thought.

Mara has three beautiful daughters.


Two students are absent today.

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Do you have everything you'll need for your trip?

I know that it's difficult.

Warriors never complain!

Go with the finger!

Is this a vintage car?

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Knapper doesn't know where it is.

I don't want to do that either.

Beetles, butterflies and cockroaches are insects.


Arnold took a step backward.

That wasn't so long ago.

I heard one.


Did you hear Matti is in town?

You're just the person I've been looking for.

We want Liza.

We visited Corfu.

What were the contents of the letter?

A lot of folks find cars interesting, but I'm not interested in them at all.

Do you have any good ideas?

You are not shorter than I.

Thanks for seeing me on such short notice.

The birds flew off in different directions.

Michael isn't sleepy.


I'm pretty sure he's right.

I won't stop doing it!

He should have arrived before noon.

Hi everyone.

It's out of the question!


Earnie threw a pillow at Those.

I'm in need of affection.

Did you get good marks?


What you said made me angry.

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She gave him the brush off.


Where is the coffee machine?


A man of weak will is the target of criticism; even his friends would badger him into correcting his defects.


Please take me across the river.

Is Hugh available?

This new medicine may save lives.

I need to see him.

Cambridge is the most famous university in the world.

Yesterday our village became famous all over the country.

I just wanted some advice from someone who's already been to Boston.


I can't imagine how unhinged I would have to become before I would ever even consider killing another human being.

He may be there.

We're not afraid of any difficulties.

In 2011, the Administration finalized fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 270 million metric tons and save 530 million barrels of oil.

Barry doesn't have many friends in Boston.


He's considered to be one of the greatest scientists in the world.

He came to be known as a great novelist.

Where did you breast-feed them?

We'd better check it out.

I don't even know what I should be distracted about.

It surprises me.

Antonella tried to hide a smile.


I am not sure, but I think that I will become a teacher.

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The President gave an interview for reporters.


I want to win this game.

Jakob has convinced me.

He wouldn't dare show his face around here again.

What's your favorite type of restaurant to go to?

I can't believe you'd cheat on Betty. After everything she's been through!

The World Cup, like many other things in life, has a habit of ignoring the laws of fairness.

Here's some food for thought.

How does the author get that effect?

Don't keep me waiting.

Matthieu didn't leave a suicide note.

Tracey fed the sheep.


I did everything I could. Now it's your turn to contribute what you can.

Suddenly, a man stepped in front of them.

I took my car to have it serviced today.